For all you lovely lads this one is for you……Sexual Awareness Workshop

Tomorrow night here in NRC, 82A Hill Street, Newry… A sexual Health Workshop free of charge being run by James from the Rainbow Project from 7pm till 8.30pm…come along for some information and advice on how to keep enjoying your sex life while keeping you and your partner safe……:-)

Ava’s Xmas Makeover

Would you like top tips and advice on how to glam yourself up for the Party season?

Let Ava show you how to make the most of your makeup, hair, shoes & accessories. Learn how to make the ultimate makeup statement, and optimise your creativity.

Anything you need help or advice with, Ava and her helpers will be there to assist you.

Admission is free, and there might even be a “Goodie Bag” in it for you!!!

Wednesday 15th December From 8 – 10pm in the NRC Centre on Hill Street.

Is coming out in Newry the big drama some of us believe it to be?

I know that when some Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals make the choice to come out to friends and family they get a hard time, but do fathers feel let down that their son is more in to sportsmen than sports, do mothers see a future without Grandkids and No Proper Wedding and friends see night out with Abba, Kylie and Cher Music, This is not the reaction I got. (more…)

Get yourself OUT

I too left it late to OUT myself BUT it has been 1 of the best things I have ever done.
Growing up in rural Armagh I always knew that I was different,but it wasn’t till I attended secondary school that I finally realised what the difference I felt was. Life plodded along just dandy,infact,like something you’d read in a thrashy novel,I expected a big Pink Bus to just pull up some day and for someone to shout “all aboard” for gayland.It didn’t and I did nothing about it..Infact..I just studied away,went to England to continue those studies and still did NOTHING about that side of my life,preferring to study more and focus on my sports[I know..Geekdom at its best] (more…)

A Warrenpoint experience

Ok here goes, my name is Gareth and I’m 19 years old and I live in Warrenpoint, a small town which isn’t exactly full of gay men for me to interact with. I’m writing this because I’ve found that reading other peoples stories has really helped me to feel a sense of belonging for the first time in my life, so it’s only fair that I do the same if only to help one person decide that they’re not completely alone. (more…)

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