Ok so being gay in Newry is probably not the best place for me to start from so I won’t. I do remember as far back as being 4 or 5 years old and being different to most of those around me. there were many reasons for this but being gay wasn’t one of them. politics, economic and social depravation, and class, all had a bearing on myself being different. (more…)

Coming out – just one of lifes difficulties!

I have had three major traumatic times in my life so far. One was my mothers death, the second my fathers on-going illness and the third my coming out – a late affair!
During my coming out period of about 10 years, I felt that this was the most traumatic, stressful, head wrecking part of my life, but hindsight as they say is a wonderful thing. I now know it was the least stressful of all three mentioned, the reason being that I ultimately had control over the result unlike the others. The hardest part was actually confronting it and saying aloud those two small words “I’m Gay!” (more…)

Coming Out

Before I start to write my story any names mentioned in this story does not mean that they may be the other way inclined too!

Ok it all started 3 years ago when i felt this weird feeling when i seen good looking guys on the television or on the street. I thought what is wrong with me. I can’t actually like guys. Can I? (more…)

Coming Out – Your Story

Send us your Coming Out Story and tell the world how it went for you –

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