Mysterious Skin

When i watched the film i was very shocked!

Although the film is very in-your-face it is still very compelling viewing! There are a few scenes that you may not like but you just could not stop watching it!

With a shocking and unpredictable ending it was a great film, however it may not be for the faint hearted!

I would give it 7/10

Here is a bit of info about the film

Review submitted by Just Me

Beautiful Thing

This is one of those feel-good films that leave you happy at the end but still wishing for more. Beautiful Thing is set in a high rise South London estate and its probably the first Gay teenage love story to achieve mass appeal. Jamie increasingly falls for next door neighbour Ste (Scott Neal of The Bill fame) and we follow the usual battle of coming out in a most heartwarming story.

One scene where the boys chase each other through the forest after leaving their first Gay bar was truly delightful.

I still can’t work out why Jamie’s Mother’s boyfriend got such a bad deal though!

Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss

If you like Sean Hayes’ character Jack from “Will and Grace”, you should do yourself a favour and catch Hayes in this romantic comedy that shows you a different side to his acting ability. As Billy, a struggling photographer, Hayes portrays a young man dealing with his feelings for the handsome object of his affection played by Brad Rowe.

The film follows the lead character on his search for love and his attempts to find out if his mysterious attraction is straight or gay. His longing for Gabriel (I guess named for his angelic face) is sad and familiar to anyone, gay or straight, who has fallen in love only to be turned away. This is not a perfect film but worth having in your DVD collection, especially if you are a Sean Hayes fan.

Eating Out

2004 (USA) – on selected cinema release in the UK (aah, the joys of living near an artsy cinema in Oxford…)

Effectively a soft-porn film, but with a very sharp script (too sharp, sadly).
Caleb is straight, but his gay roommate Kyle ‘outs’ him to set him up with Gwen. This backfires when Caleb ends up with Marc (Gwen’s best friend), who Kyle is in love with. So they go on a date, things happen, and Kyle gets peeved, so decides to remedy the situation by trying to set Caleb up with Gwen and himself with Marc. This has disastrous consequences, but everything ends up just fine. Very complicated, and hardly original plot (but it has some interesting twists). On top of this, the script tries too hard to get laughs – each actor delivering a perfect pun or cliché or joke at any opportunity (like being sat in a room with four Oscar Wilde’s).

Ultimately, it’s hard to tell whether to take this film seriously or not. It’s deliberately provocative – all Jewish sentimentalities go out the window with the exchange “Who is that?” (referring to a knock on the door), “Like they said to Anne Frank, why don’t you go to the door and find out?”. On top of this, there is too much attention given to the notion of ‘turning people straight/gay’ for some people’s liking. Some of the acting is awful (particularly Jim Verraros, who plays Kyle) and any message the film tries to get across (mainly that you’re not necessarily out of anyone’s league – even in the gay world) is made hollow by the ridiculous turns in the plot and extreme script.

However, the humour does work quite well at times, and if you try not to take everything too seriously, it’s not a bad film. Scott Lunsford (Caleb) shows promise and is involved in the most erotic scene I’ve seen on the silver screen with Ryan Carnes (Marc).

I’m not a huge fan of this film; it’s too corny and too OTT for my liking. However, it certainly gets the pulse going and (strangely for an American film) has full frontal nudity, so probably not one to watch with granny.

Get Real

This is a movie that almost anyone can identify with. It’s about 2 high school boys who find they have strong feelings for each other. The movie shows how difficult it is when the truth remains buried, and how stressful things can be when we pretend to be something we are not. The cast all portray their characters flawlessly. This is the best film I have seen which deals with this subject. I wish it had been there for me at an earlier time in my life. This is essential viewing. It shows strength in the face of despair, not just dealing with fear or shame for coming out of the closet.

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