I Think I do

In a nutshell, this is the story of a reunion of college friends 5 years down the road. The movie begins with a few slices of their college lives to set the tone, and then when everybody is brought together again for their friends’ wedding, old crushes come back to the surface, and secrets come out.

The cast is very appealing and the story is adorable. Soundtrack contains the best of the Partridge Family. Curl up on the couch with your special someone and enjoy this charming film.

The Broken Hearts Club

The Broken Hearts Club is one of my favorite films … it’s got comedy, romance, drama… everything you need.
Timothy Olyphant is absolutely great as Dennis, and I was glad to see him in a role that isn’t a villain (Scream 2, El Diablo). I’m looking forward to seeing him more.

Dean Cain proved that not only does he have the good looks, but he has the talent to back it up. In fact, the best scene in the entire film takes place between Cain and Kerr Smith. Matt McGrath and Zach Braff both have decent roles, and they play them well. But the real show-stealer here is Billy Porter as Taylor, the drama queen. He provides a lot of the comic relief, and has some of the funniest lines in the movie (“I don’t see why they don’t just let me hit off the tee… shut up bit**es!”… among many others).

My Beautiful Laundrette

I love this because of all the things it is not. It is not another “I’m coming out of the closet and my life is totally f***** up!” kind of movie. Its characters have problems based on something besides being gay. It has a mostly happy ending I could honestly believe.

The best thing is that it is about people. Not just the two handsome gentlemen who are at the centre of the film. Omar’s tit-flashing cousin is memorable as are his other relatives.


Set in Berlin in the early 1980’s this is the story of a sweet romance between two love-struck men from either side of the East/West divide and a sad indictment of the way in which the former East German state stifled the lives of its citizens. The movie is fascinating from an historical point of view alone but the love story holds up well.

The story revolves around a young West Berliner, on a sightseeing trip with his curious American friend, having a chance meeting with a likeable East Berliner and the two instantly falling in love. The movie expertly highlights the problems associated with love across the divide in that time.

The music is dated and the film footage shot in East Berlin and Prague decidedly grainy (due to it being shot without attracting the attention of the authorities there).


Some of the best films by the creative team of Merchant/Ivory were adapted from works of E M Foster. This beautifully filmed movie is a story about a young man who struggles with his sexual orientation and his status in society. James Wilby plays the title character honestly and with dignity as he searches for love, falling for a good friend, Clive, (played by a young Hugh Grant!) and eventually following his heart and falling for a young man of a lower class.

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