Hunk or HMS Pinafore?

Dear Auntie Lucy,

I hope you can help me as I really don’t know where to turn to. I am a 25 year old Newry man and have been in a happy relationship for over 6 years with my boyfriend who is 32. The problem is that recently he caught me naked in our bed with his 18 year old brother who is a real hot hunk.

I think that trust is all important in a relationship and can’t understand that he won’t believe me when I explained that it was all perfectly innocent (I was helping his brother practice for a part he is playing in a up-coming amateur dramatic production.) I think he is being really catty and unreasonable. What should I do?

Trevor Hill.


Dear Aunt Lucy,

Need your help urgently! I am a 24 year old married man. There is a guy at work that I really fancy who I know is gay because we kissed at this years Christmas Pary. He wants to see me again. What should I do but I really fancy this guy.

Feel Free to Contact Auntie Lucy with your own Pressing Issues!!! Note it’s a very much “Tongue in Cheek” take on an agony aunt column. Send us your stories – Just don’t expect a serious reply!

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