In the eyes of a child

Of all the color and fun experienced at Dublin Pride Parade last month one thing stood out literally head and shoulders above the rest and as always it was something very simple. In the parade a young lad of ten or so was perched as happy as could be on his Uncle’s shoulders holding the banner “Gay or straight my uncle is great”

Dublin Pride 2012. Picture: Columba O'Hare

Dublin Pride 2012. Picture: Columba O'Hare

We managed to get a photograph and put it up on the page from where it has travelled around the world getting shared in all directions with mostly favourable reaction but as usual some not so favourable!

Favourable ones such as “Its such a positive photo. really makes me smile. The world is a different place then when I was a child.” and “what i love about that photo is it’s simplicity – it manages to challenge so much in a handwritten card with a young boy saying to the world – “so what my uncle is gay” – that is a very powewrful image”

Of course then there is the “God love any sinner but he hates the sin and somehow you’re helping to spread it! Think about it and repent while you have time!” or “where do you stand, are you of God or are you of the world, sharing these pictures?????”

It really makes you wonder how someone can feel threatened by a beautiful pic of a young man and his nephew!

Hierarchy of Freedom of Speech?

When Ken Maginnis and other people tar the entire gay community with sweeping statements saying that gay relationships are a “rung on the ladder” towards bestiality I can only despair.

We have been here before but it still seems incredible that there seems to be a hierarchy of freedom of speech. (more…)

A Cuban Revolution

Life throughout the world can be challenging to say the least for gay people though it’s always good to see changes happen for the better in former countries that persecuted and imprisoned us just for being gay!

Earlier this month Cuba celebrated International Day Against Homophobia for the fourth year just like the NRC did in Newry. Leading the way in campaigning for increased equality for the LGB and T population was none other than Mariela Castro Espin, niece of the famous Fidel and daughter of the current President, Raul. As Director of the Cuban National Centre for Sex Education she certainly is well placed to not just campaign for change but to make it happen as well and making it happen is just what she is doing. (more…)

Take Pride in Newry

Newry City is seriously lacking in the “festival” department with seemingly every other town or village in our area having a big annual trademark event attracting thousands of people and their business to the local community. To try to change all that the NRC are organising a community festival in September celebrating the diversity of culture and communities across Newry and Mourne. (more…)

Prescription for Change

It has often been stated that gay people feel that they can’t be completely honest about their sexuality to medical professionals, for fear of their reaction, or that it’s all to easy for the medics to assume that their patients are heterosexual and hence many issues encompassing their mental and physical well-being are diagnosed without knowing the complete picture. (more…)

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