Boy meets Boy

Boy meets Boy by David Levithan
Newry Library certainly has a better variety of gay interest books nowadays. It is not often that I take a book to bed with me and don’t get the light turned out until the last page is read but this book produced one of those occasions.
It is a really heartwarming tale of finding love in a fleeting moment, wooing that lover to be and all the obstacles that can be put in your way by yourself – ex boyfriends and how you treat them, your own circle of friends et al.
A really true to life heartwarming book of the Beautiful thing genre, I strongly recommend it!

Mysterious Skin

When i watched the film i was very shocked!

Although the film is very in-your-face it is still very compelling viewing! There are a few scenes that you may not like but you just could not stop watching it!

With a shocking and unpredictable ending it was a great film, however it may not be for the faint hearted!

I would give it 7/10

Here is a bit of info about the film

Review submitted by Just Me

Beautiful Thing

This is one of those feel-good films that leave you happy at the end but still wishing for more. Beautiful Thing is set in a high rise South London estate and its probably the first Gay teenage love story to achieve mass appeal. Jamie increasingly falls for next door neighbour Ste (Scott Neal of The Bill fame) and we follow the usual battle of coming out in a most heartwarming story.

One scene where the boys chase each other through the forest after leaving their first Gay bar was truly delightful.

I still can’t work out why Jamie’s Mother’s boyfriend got such a bad deal though!

Diary Of A Man

Diary of a Man Cover

“This book floored me. It is extraordinary.”  Terry Prone

Diary Of A Man by Dermod Moore Aka Bootboy is a wonderful, thought-provoking and ultimately inspiring book.

It is a book about men  about their sexual and emotional lives, their most intimate experiences and their deepest feelings. These are explored in a way that gives the readers  men and women  a sense of how they might deal with similar experiences and feelings in their own lives.

Diary Of A Man offers us a powerful, open, uninhibited and finely written account of one person’s journey through the myriad attractions and pitfalls of being a free agent  and a highly sexed one  in contemporary society. (more…)


A Gay tale from Crossmaglen. Author Jarlath Gregory grew up in Crossmaglen so there is plenty of local flavour. Set at the time of the ceasefires it’s as much about the remnants of the conflict as it is about coping with being Gay in a small town. Oisin Grant isn’t your average South Armagh Teen (or is he?) sending a Valantines card to a guy he fancies with “Disgusting Bits” and all! Jude the target of his desires takes a while to get to grips with the attention and then theres Mike who gets to grips with Jude and Neil who gets to grips with Oisin.There must be something in the water in Cross!

Quite an enjoyable read that flits from inside Oisins head to inside Judes head. Does it have a happy ending – You’ll have to read it to find out!

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