The Front Runner

This is an absolutely wonderful book from the first page to the last! It tells the incredible love story between 39 year old Harlan, a College Track Coach, and 22 year old Billy Sive, a brilliant track runner.

This story of gay love is so intense and the feelings between the two men are so strong, that itís hard to believe this was not written by a man, but a woman. Patricia Nell Warren has a gift for capturing the core of how two gay men can feel about each other.

She brings out the detail of the story and surroundings so well you can easily picture it, which helps in bringing you deep within the story and feeling an undying love for the characters.

If you are not in tears near the end of this book, you must get your emotions checked as the feelings that are brought up in this book are overpowering in many ways.

If you never read any other gay fiction, you must at least read this book.

The sequels, Harlanís Race and Billyís Boy are not to be missed.

Green Eyes

Our sympathies to anyone in Kilkeel who may feel a little disturbed by the underlying currents of Andrew O’Hares offering but “what a book”

Set in the hitherto sleepy village of Kilkeel, I for one can never quite look at the town in the same light again. From start to finish this book will require your full attention and in fact you will not want to put it down until it’s finished.

An extremely readable book it is about two gay lads Harry and Shaun brought together by chance (Via Daisy Hill Hospital – I jest not!) with the relatively predictable slant of love across the religious divide in sectarian Ulster. Its a whirlwind book of romance, love, hate and a lot of erotic content to keep you interested so keep it away from the mammy.

Scrogg Road will never be the same again!


Jarlath Gregory’s second book is based in Dublin and makes a pleasant read though I think any Gaelic Football connections are very very nominal. In a way I suppose I was expecting that the whole booked would be based in a GAA world, from the game to the passion to the sexy players and even the gaa/gay clash of cultures but the book is more a slow simmering story of main character Anto’s infatuation with ‘Straight Boy’ Khalid and the will they/won’t they get it together before the last page of the book. Along the way there’s a bit of cruising with a brickie, some very strange text messages and a trip to London. If you want to find out what happens you better get the book!

Apart from all that the book also contains the essential Anto’s guide to hair for beginners which might give you all a few tips for what way to wear whats on your head!

Invisible Life

E Lynn Harris tells the story of Ray Tyler’s life in a captivating and explicit manner that catches your attention.
Raymond Tyler Jr. has a perfect life, he has a girlfriend, Sela, his highschool sweetheart, he is a brother in a fraternity, and he has an extremely loving family.
Ray’s life was turned upside down one night at a party when he saw Kelvin. Ray learned much about his sexuality through Kelvin and he learned about the true meaning of an invisible life.
This book tells a story of an average african-american man who discovers and learns to accept himself. He finds that not everyone is willing to accept who he is, including his father. The only person who does accept and understand him is Kyle, his best friend. Ray finds that even the people he has put the most trust into are leading invisible lives as well.

Crazy Love

A high-flying executive, apparently a happily married man, goes to extremes of duplicity to hide his homosexuality. This novel explores the overlapping worlds of the Celtic Tiger, the upwardly-mobile career man and the subterranean world of homosexual night-clubs.

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