Diary Of A Man

Diary of a Man Cover

“This book floored me. It is extraordinary.”  Terry Prone

Diary Of A Man by Dermod Moore Aka Bootboy is a wonderful, thought-provoking and ultimately inspiring book.

It is a book about men  about their sexual and emotional lives, their most intimate experiences and their deepest feelings. These are explored in a way that gives the readers  men and women  a sense of how they might deal with similar experiences and feelings in their own lives.

Diary Of A Man offers us a powerful, open, uninhibited and finely written account of one person’s journey through the myriad attractions and pitfalls of being a free agent  and a highly sexed one  in contemporary society.

No subject is too tough, too raw to deal with. In brilliantly rich and balanced prose, the writer deals with his own personal experiences of:

*Finding out that your lover has been HIV Positive and not told you

*Orgies, S&M and internet sex  and what it is that attracts people to these taboo pursuits;

*Loneliness, depression and the need for love in a sex-crazed world;

*Friendship, music, art and the things that give life meaning against the odds &

He also writes with startling realism about two of the most disturbing and challenging issues facing us all: suicide and paedophilia. Throughout, the search for truth is unflinching.

No hyperbole: Diary Of A Man is a searingly honest book that goes to the heart of the contemporary condition.

Written by Dermod Moore, a Dublin-born and London-based therapist, psychologist, actor and writer, it is an essential window on the 21st century world. It explores the needs that drive us, the choices we make and the yearning for truth and beauty that is at the heart of our collective journey. It is destined to capture the imagination of the reading public and become one of the best sellers of 2005.

Diary Of A Man is published by Hot Press Books

For further details, please contact Lindsey Kerrigan on: +353 (0)1-2411500

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