Mysterious Skin

When i watched the film i was very shocked!

Although the film is very in-your-face it is still very compelling viewing! There are a few scenes that you may not like but you just could not stop watching it!

With a shocking and unpredictable ending it was a great film, however it may not be for the faint hearted!

I would give it 7/10

Here is a bit of info about the film

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  1. madone says:


    watched this film “Edge of Seventeen” Quite a good story line to it..!
    About high school student coming out around 1984 17 year old who becomes aware of his feelings and desires when he meets a new fella..
    ( really nice Ah Ah) And he then goes through all the emotions and feelings of the scene and new experiences. And then has the daunting task of telling his family. Really nice film which i for one could relate to..! Some of it was very close to home;)


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