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I too left it late to OUT myself BUT it has been 1 of the best things I have ever done.
Growing up in rural Armagh I always knew that I was different,but it wasn’t till I attended secondary school that I finally realised what the difference I felt was. Life plodded along just dandy,infact,like something you’d read in a thrashy novel,I expected a big Pink Bus to just pull up some day and for someone to shout “all aboard” for gayland.It didn’t and I did nothing about it..Infact..I just studied away,went to England to continue those studies and still did NOTHING about that side of my life,preferring to study more and focus on my sports[I know..Geekdom at its best]

I guess a part of me worried about the affect it would have on my family…HOWEVER,3 years ago I met someone and it all felt so right etc so I took the first steps in telling my siblings.What a reaction..WOW..3 always knew,so they said and 4 were shocked,but their reaction was great as in total acceptance,protective and down to good old fashioned NOSINESS! Since then I’ve dragged them to Nest and Kremlin and the George in Dublin.They all love the craic and I’ve also told some very close friends too..ALL of whome have been very supportive,even 1 who said “they’re all scheisters,but good luck”. So..There you have it.Peoples attitudes have changed/mellowed.I think some of the younger lads and lassies coming out do get an easier time,in ways,than those did years ago.The down side has come,albeit it from a few,from other gay guys who find it difficult/annoying/whatever that I have had an easy time with family and friends.Maybe I have been lucky..I don’t know,but I am thrilled with the support I have been given. I think when all is said and done the worst thing for being gay is the way we make ourselves “prisoners” in our own heads,because in reality we’re not hurting anyone.Being OUT is does bring freedom and peace of mind.


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  1. Hi there says:

    Are you there?

    Do you mind to post some more information about this ?

  2. george says:

    I love reading the Out column,makes you realize a lot of us go through the same process
    When I was 17 I had a relationship with a 22yr old and it was THE relationship for us both,the problem was in the early sixties you had to be 21 to have a gay relationship,we were found out and told he would likely go to prison .He was prepared to take the risk but I could,nt allow him to do it,so I left and went to Canada on my own and two years later came back but didnt get back in touch because I still was,nt 21.
    I heard through the grapevine he had been looking for me, from the one and only confidant we both had,he lived in the North so I went down South
    People will never know the heartbreak we both went through and it nearly killed us both.I will NEVER NEVER forget him.I.m 62 now and in a loving relationship for the last 19 yrs,we are both very happy and my partner knows all my secrets and I love him dearly but he knows I still hold a torch for my first lover and always will till the day I die

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