Hierarchy of Freedom of Speech?

When Ken Maginnis and other people tar the entire gay community with sweeping statements saying that gay relationships are a “rung on the ladder” towards bestiality I can only despair.

We have been here before but it still seems incredible that there seems to be a hierarchy of freedom of speech.

Our community is at this stage “used to” comments suggesting that the gay community are a threat to children, a threat to marriage (thats a good one!), deviant, promiscuous and so on. Of course there are promiscuous, child abusing people from the gay community as there are in the non gay community and I’m certainly not knowledgeable enough to know but I’d suggest bestiality is as uncommon in the non gay community as it is in the gay but hey don’t let it get in the way of you giving us a good dig!

What we have here is nothing short of a form of racism in all its glory often sheltering under aledged religious belief’s!

Historically members of “disliked” minority groups are stereotyped as representing a danger to the most vulnerable members of the majority community. Black men accused of being rapists, “Foreigners” taking our jobs, Travellers all thieves, us Irish a crowd of lazy alcoholics and so on. I can’t help but think that if any of our local politicians suggested that all travelers were thieves a forthright apology would be the minimum demanded for them to keep their position but hey all gays are deviants and their relations are on the road to bestiality – that’s fine!

Alas it is and always has been open season for attacks on the LGB and T community. I’m sure it will not be long till the next one comes along!

Note: Passion Disco is on this Saturday night the 7th of July in the Bellagio Suite, Bellinis from 9.30pm

You can visit www.gaynewry.com for information on local LGBT happenings or call in to the NRC Centre at 82a Hill Street in Newry or phone us on 028 3025 0528. Opening times: Thursday and Friday 7pm to 10pm. Saturday 2pm to 6pm.

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