Being a gay farmer.

Being a gay farmer.

I guess it was something I pondered as I grew up and especially once I realised I was gay. My sexuality does not affect the job I do, but I am a farmer who just happens to be gay. Being gay is only part of what/who I am. I am not ashamed of it, never have been, yet I don’t feel I have to shout it from the top of the nearest barn.

I think farming was always in my blood and although the management side of it fell luckily/unluckily to one of my brothers there’s nothing better for me than feeling at one with nature come hail, rain, snow or sun ( though the recent spell of great weather was most welcome). Each season has its own rewards and although I have witnessed changes over the years thankfully the hands on approach is still very much needed. It’s like a kind of therapy being out in the open spaces with fresh air.

I think in rural areas the whole issue of being gay is in a way “negative” for me due to the working pattern of my life (the social side is sometimes sacrificed!) Early mornings and late nights are at times difficult to marry with a social life as in getting out with other gay friends for a nights craic. Thankfully for me there is a bolt hole in Belfast where I can go to from time to time, which is better than going nowhere at all.

Then there’s the whole area of finding that special someone who can handle all that comes with a farmers life. For me this is the one downside area. It’s not like there’s a gay farmer swinging on the nearest tree in the orchard. I know there are gay farmers out there, but sometimes for whatever reason (private/social) they choose a different path. I actually wish there was an organisation here like a gay farmers union where like-minded folks could meet, after all they’d have a common ground from which to build from.

See or for upcoming events phone our information only line on 077 83719603.

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7 Responses to “Being a gay farmer.”

  1. mark says:

    hey i would love to meet a gay farmer love country life but how do i go about meet one there not that out there.???

  2. lake33 says:

    Know a few gay farmers myself. They don’t have it easy. I try to keep them connected as much as possible. Even help out around the farm. Farm life definitely is a tough life, but a good life! I’m a gay fella myself! Wellies suit me!!

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