Straight Bashing!

Straight Bashing!

Some people may find this hard to believe but as a gay Newry guy who is trying to show the Newry community that the gay, lesbian and bisexual people that share this city with them aren’t all bad, I find it hard to believe that some of the “Out” gay people in the city who hate gay bashing are actually “straight bashing” themselves ie gays or lesbians who treat straight people who turn up to Newry’s gay events as uninvited and unwelcome guests.

I have witnessed in Newry and in the safe haven of gay clubs in other cities straight girls and especially guys being abused verbally. It is common among us to have straight friends who come out with us to gay nights and likewise we will go to straight bars with them, but why do we treat straight people the way we don’t want to be treated? If a straight guy goes to a gay event then why treat him badly? If he is doing nothing wrong and just enjoying a night out with his mates then leave him in peace, how will it benefit anyone heckling him. We can all agree that we don’t like being called queers or faggots but do you “straight bashers” think straight boys and girls like being called “breeders” and “closet case” and other names that aren’t polite.

We are all living in the 21st Century and if straight people are fine going to a gay bar and mixing with same sex couples then we are making an impression on our neighbours and we can’t be too far off going to a straight club and sharing nights out in a straight club.

Why you may ask am I talking about this – Well at a recent Newry event for Newry’s gay community a friend of mine experienced a “straight bashing”. He laughed it off but I am part of a group that is trying to get more acceptance for gay people in Newry and Mourne and this type of behaviour would certainly not help.

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