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  1. sarah says:

    fantastic photographs. really wonderful day. thank you.xx

  2. Willow89 says:

    Oh Dear….Last picture…its was me….I am looking for some more photos..of me with other people….can you show me some…

  3. ryan says:

    Can you please add CAPTIONS to your photographs so we know who people are? Thanks!!! Great website!!!!

  4. Good grief Ryan, I would have no time for the day job at all!!! Couldn’t really add captions as quite a few people are still “semi” in the closet and the names would only come up in google and out them to the world!

    Thanks for the compliment, it’s hard to keep everything updated but we try. We always appreciate contributions on anything from anyone as well so get writing …

  5. Mr Gay Newry 2009 says:

    The photos are great, it was a really great night and I had a lot of fun taking part. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone in Newry and the NRC for all there help and support. I have really been touched by everyone’s kind words and donations to the charity.

    Also I know we’ll win it next year.

  6. Peter * says:

    You should email GayNewy973.jpg to David! It’s a good one!

    Of course the rest are very good too! You need to start taking photos of yourself too haha. Good Job =)

  7. Bart man says:

    Look at the state of my man lee (wes), you can so tell he is tired of the publiclty, lol, love you babe, xxx

  8. Daniel says:

    is that a man?

  9. Hello Copenhagen says:

    I think this competition could launch Padraig’s new career as a catalogue model.

  10. jai says:

    Well congratulations to all involved, it looks a ‘FANTASTIC’ night… The dream has come true, and eventually Newry has come into the 21st century, giving ‘all’ a voice and a place to chill, whilst addressing the underlying human right of all sections of the community, who once felt victimised, but now can be embraced through the hard work of you all, and this new centre…. You should be very PROUD….!

    Once again well done, and thank you for giving this life…!

    Will be down when work allows me to…


    Jai x

  11. Hello Copenhagen says:

    Where was this photograph taken?


  12. Good old Derrymore woods in Bessbrook!

  13. How pretty is that!

  14. looking well Gary!lol

  15. looking well Gary….

  16. Hello Copenhagen says:

    What a pair of stunners!

    What man could resist.

  17. Chris Russell says:

    Oh holy god, ew.

  18. chris henry says:

    very sexy wud luv 2 meet them can any i provide me wit a contact if so cal r txt chris on 07743339599

  19. jude says:

    hi there think you no me just looking though your photos like what i see would like too see more iam bi have been for many years,like what i seen yes but if your on o2 let me no will gave you my no and hows nos what can happen would love a bit of fun and will tell you more about me

  20. I have just briefly browsed thru’ some of the photos and it looked like
    everyone enjoyed themselves, but its a shame about the litter situation.
    In some of the photos, it showed loads of empty bottles strewn all
    around the place. I hope all these empty bottles got recycled and did
    not end up in general waste?.

  21. WOW!!! just look at all those empty bottles. As i am passionate about
    mother nature, i hope that the bottles all got recycled???.

  22. Where there any litter pickers on the day, helping to clear up
    all the bottles etc?.

  23. Hi Andrea, I’m not sure what way Belfast Pride work, This is Custom House Square and it’s a cordoned of area for the day so yes all is cleared up afterwards.

  24. I would like to think that too Andrea. I know any time we as a group go camping overnight etc that the area is left probably cleaner than when we arrived.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys can u please delete this picture plz 🙂 x

  26. cass says:

    Hi guys is there anyway this picture can be deleted? Gaynewry639 in belfast pride 2010 album 🙂 thanks in advance

  27. geraldine says:

    stunning collection of people:)

  28. John O'D says:

    Well done, sorry I missed it, but you inspire me. Keep singing & smiling! John

  29. Marty says:

    Great picture girlies! And I’m the princess

  30. Bttmboy says:

    the man on the left is hot. damn, i wish u were mine.

  31. george says:

    Have been browsing through your photographs,I love the ones where you are walking in the countryside etc,wish I could be there,people look so happy and free,its a joy to look at.
    Love your website,only came across it by accident ,have put you in my favorites.
    Keep up the good work,enjoy life to the full
    George xx

  32. george says:

    Ps.Can you say where the photos are taken

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