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Passion number two is coming right up on Saturday night the 24th of February at 10pm Upstairs in The Brass Monkey as usual.

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  1. damain says:

    really looking forward to it guys. and hey is the promotional side to it still going… need to keep it up to keep people coming to it…. will do what i did last time and tell guys on the gaydar that its on.

  2. rory says:

    Yes promotion starts again this week, We have bebo mails, Mailing list, Txt nums, the info line, The reporter and of course our friends at the democrat

    Lets not forget also, the simply fantastic word of mouth we have recieved from all who where at the event in jan and the pics in the democrats night shift!

  3. damian says:

    good on you guys, keep it up, ive no doubt this one will be as good as the last one or even better. see you all then.

  4. Sepheryn says:

    hey i havent been 2 Passion yet, and i really wana go for a good nite out. Is it open to every1? And wats da admission? thanks 🙂

  5. Administrator says:

    Hello Sepheryn,

    Yeah you should give it a go maybe this Saturday night, I’d say you would have a brilliant night as I never heard anything but good reports from absolutely everyone about the last one.

    It is a night for gay people and their friends so it is open to everyone that is comfortable there. Have to say the last one was an absolutely fantastic night and this one may just be even better as there will be less organising to be done from the NRC’s end.

    Admission is absolutely FREE

  6. Sepheryn says:

    sounds gr8 admin, thanx 4 ur reply. now i dont hav a choice lol how can i not go? ty 🙂

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